Test Set, with loadcells and supporting pieces to check both the magnetic pull force and slice force.

A Test set consists of: 

  • 1 load cell to determine tensile load 

  • 1 load cell to determine shear load 

  • 1 signal output unit 

  • 1 case to transport the materials.

Product description

The Controlock set consists of load cells and equipment to measure the actual maximum load the magnet can apply to the spot where it is mounted. This refers to the system’s tensile as well as shear load.

The digital output unit has been programmed to jointly register and check all anchor points, so that the scaffolding can be declared “safe” if all measured loads exceed the design specifications.

For measurements in hazardous areas, an ATEX certified unit is available on demand.

The case ensures safe transport of all materials. Its total weight is 12 kg and its dimensions are 50x40x20 (LxWxH)

A single Controlock set can be used to install multiple magnet anchors. The materials can be used and reused time and again for mounting, disassembly and any intermediate checks.

Scaffold Test Set