An installation set consists of:

  • 1 console 

  • 3 lanyards 

  • Ratchet and pin
1 case

Product description 

The console is a tool to place the magnet level and at exactly the desired height. It is equipped with easy to use small magnets that can be switched on manually. For further details, please consult the user manual.

The lanyards prevent the magnets, load cells, and any other pieces of equipment from falling down during installation.

The ratchet and pin serve to rotate the magnet orientation and to switch the anchor on and off.

The case is for the protection and transport of all materials. Its total weight is 6 kg, and its dimensions are 45x15x30 cm (LxWxH)

Multiple magnet anchors can be installed with a single installation set. The materials can be used and reused time and again for mounting and disassembly and any intermediate checks.

Scaffold Installation Set