Scaffold Anchor Set

Inclusive of:

  • Magnetic anchor
  • Magnetic protective cover
  • Product certificate
  • Wooden case

The theoretical maximum allowable load of the anchor is 2500 kgf. (Pull force)

The total weight of 1 anchor is 18 kg. The total set weights 20 kg.

The case dimensions are (LxWxH) 30x30x60 cm.

The McNetiq Controlock® anchor point is the first magnet anchor with measurement of force. This technology provides 100% assurance on the exact capacity of the magnet anchor, before the final load. By pressing just one button, the user knows the maximum load of the assembled anchor point. This is what makes this way of anchoring safe, cost-effective and durable. 

The built-in Controlock® System makes the magnet anchors more widely applicable, especially in situations where safety is of high importance. This way, for example, scaffolds can be attached to an explosive ethylene tank. Moreover, the McNetiq Controlock® anchor points are made of permanent magnets. They are not dependent on a power source, but are themselves literally an inexhaustible source of energy. 

See installation video

Scaffold Anchor Set