SOCAP Pneumatic Tubular Forms Basic , inflated with air, are made of extra strong synthetic fabric coated on both faces with plastomers, resistant to chemicals, weathering, concrete and abrasion. Materials used, give to this product an excellent, handling, storage and repairability.

Pneumatic Tubular Form ‘BASIC’

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  • Socap pneumatic tubular Form is the framework around which the concrete is cast; the system is used for construction of void cavities directly into the excavation or for casting of prefabricated structures. After concrete is dry the pneumatic tubular form can be deflated and removed thus making it available for repeated use. 

    2.1 Environmental conditions

    •  Working conditions: temperature between + 5 ° C and + 50 ° C.
    •  Storage conditions: temperature between -10 ° C and + 50 ° C